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Our services are designed for occupied/unoccupied properties which include collecting rents, handling tenant communications and provide maintenance service and inspections of the property.

What Services are included?

Tenant Management Details:
Administration of the lease is foremost for our staff, from collecting rent when it is due, to making sure the care and maintenance standards are upheld. Our tenant management services designate us as the primary lease contact and we will provide a 24hr maintenance hotline for our tenants, handle posting notices, make collection calls, prepare monthly financial accounting reports and more.

Premise Management Details:
Protecting your property is our highest priority above all. To accomplish this goal we will process all maintenance requests and conduct routine site inspections. We are constantly recruiting, screening and negotiating with service providers to bring you affordable, dependable and quality service.

What Does It Cost?

For pricing structure please contact Linda Stearman to go over the details of your property.